About Us

About Us

Nevada Humane Society (NHS) is a charitable, non-profit organization and the only open-admission, no-kill shelter in the state of Nevada. Incorporated in 1932, it was originally created to address the suffering of local stray animals. In 2007, our Board of Directors changed the mission of the organization to one of lifesaving, promoting animal welfare while finding homes and providing care for homeless pets in Northern Nevada. In 2014, NHS expanded to include Carson City. In October 2016, we moved into a brand new shelter in Carson City, which will increase the number of lives saved in Northern Nevada. It’s an exciting time for homeless pets and animal lovers, as more than 90,000 animals have been placed into loving homes since our lifesaving mission began in 2007, and we are only continuing to grow.


We accomplish our lifesaving by providing quality care and finding homes for homeless pets while offering a variety of programs to benefit the public and animals. We are dependent upon donations and do not receive funding from government agencies or national animal welfare groups.


Thanks to the amazing support of the community and the hard work of our Board of Directors, dedicated staff, volunteers and partners, we have achieved dramatic results. In 2012, Washoe County was highlighted by Maddie’s Fund, honored with the Community Lifesaving Award and named one of the safest communities in the country for homeless pets, with a 95% lifesaving rate.


It is important to understand that though we pride ourselves on lifesaving, there are times when we do need to euthanize animals. NHS makes euthanasia decisions based on medical prognosis (probability of recovery with reasonable quality of life). Additionally, if a dog likely poses a risk to public safety (the dog is a danger to other animals or humans), he or she may be euthanized. These decisions are not made lightly and involve a team of managers, so it is never the decision of just one person.


NHS is proud to be engaged at the cutting edge of animal welfare. We are recognized as a leader in animal sheltering and stewardship and are considered a national model, educating shelters everywhere on lifesaving practices. NHS is a charitable, 501(c)3, non-profit organization and the Federal Tax ID is 88-0072720.


To see how NHS has made a difference in the community, view our 2016 Impact Report or our 2015 Impact Report or our 2014 Impact Report.


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