Dog License

Carson City NV



Licensing Your Dog(s)


To download the dog license application form click here.




Nevada Humane Society Carson City offers a one year city dog license. Proof of alteration status is required at time of licensing (if not indicated on the rabies vaccination certificate). A license tag must be attached to the dog’s collar/harness at all times. A late fee will be assessed if a license tag is not renewed by the expiration date.


License Fees

  • $8.00 Altered
  • $25.00 Unaltered


Rabies Vaccination Required

Before a dog license can be issued proof of current rabies vaccination, administered by a licensed veterinarian, must be provided. Rabies vaccinations are effective for one to three years, depending on the age of the dog at the time of vaccination and the dog’s prior vaccination history.
Please complete and mail or bring your licensing application to Nevada Humane Society Carson City, 549 Airport Road, Carson City, NV 89701. Please make checks payable to Nevada Humane Society.


Dog Licensing Requirements

All dogs in Carson City over three months of age are required by the Carson City Municipal Code to be licensed. A Carson City dog license is the best identification your dog can wear. If your dog is lost, a license will help officers reach you and return your dog to you. It also allows anyone who finds your dog to call us with the license number, therefore helping us find an owner. Licensing also may decreases the need for anti-rabies treatment following a dog bite incident.


License Information

Dog licenses are required by law:

  • Within 30 days of moving a dog into the city
  • Within 30 of acquiring a new dog
  • After a puppy becomes three months of age