Adventure Pet Certified Fast Track Adoption Program

Have you always wanted an Adventure Pup? A dog who can ride in the car, answer to recall, and who loves to exercise? Now is your chance! Nevada Humane Society has partnered with Adventure Pet to help our dogs become highly adoptable.

Who are the Adventure Pups?

Adventure Pups are selected at our shelter for a variety of reasons: they play well with other dogs, they have recall skills, and they’re ready for fun! Despite all of these incredible assets, they’re being looked over for adoption, and Adventure Pet is fixing that. Our Adventure Pet Excursion Experts take the pups out on Friday mornings. On their excursion they play, run, have fun, and work on developing skills that will make them highly adoptable, before being dropped back off at the shelter.

Why Adopt an Adventure Pup?

Going on Adventures these dogs are learning skills that make them incredible pets. They’re practicing riding in cars, recall, playing and being friendly with other dogs, and having fun! Bonus: When you adopt an Adventure Pup you get a free evaluation from Adventure Pet to continue using their services as well as one free day of play at BaseCamp!

Current Adventure Pups!

Ivan is 9 years old and a terrier pitbull mix. Ivan loved his Adventure with Adventure Pet! He played great with his buddy and came back when called. Don’t judge Ivan based on age, he is ready for a lifetime of fun.

Adopted Adventure Pups! 

Check out the Adventure Pups who have found their perfect homes!

Blue: Formerly a shelter dog and a PUPS on Parole Graduate, now a certified Adventure Pet in his new home.

Alexandrite Formerly a shelter dog, now a certified Adventure Pup in his new home.

Peaches Formerly a shelter dog, now a certified Adventure Pup in her new home.

Magnus: Formerly a shelter dog, now a certified Adventure Pup in his new home.