Become a Foster Parent


Foster care volunteers provide much needed care for animals who are not yet ready for adoption. As a foster parent, you’ll provide basic care for the animal as well as loving attention.


Foster_AboutFosterOur foster program allows us to save animals who are difficult to care for in a shelter – orphaned or feral kittens, animals recovering from major surgery, or dogs needing one-on-one behavior rehabilitation – giving them a comfortable home setting until they are ready for adoption. There are no financial responsibilities associated with being a foster parent. You provide the love and care, and we’ll provide food shelter, and training for your fostering experience.


This program is especially critical during kitten season – from early spring and through late fall. Hundreds of kitties need temporary homes until they are ready to be adopted. These kittens might be with a homeless mom who is still nursing them or orphaned and either weaned or unweaned. Ideally, kittens stay in a foster home until they weigh two pounds (usually by nine weeks old) and are then neutered before becoming available for adoption. While not required, you are strongly encouraged to promote your foster animals and help them find loving homes.


If you are interested in becoming a foster care volunteer for Nevada Humane Society, please fill out the Foster Care Interest Form and return it to the shelter via fax, mail, email, or in person.


Once you submit your foster care interest form, you will be placed on our Foster Care Volunteer On-Call list. When foster animals come into the shelter, we will contact you via phone, email and/or text message. All foster animals will need to be picked up by the end of the day.


To learn more about how to become a foster care volunteer, check out Foster FAQs.


To learn more about how to become a foster care volunteer for kittens with fungus, check out Ringworm FAQs.