Innovative Programs








Transforming abandoned animals into service dogs and pets for veterans.
Through the G.I. DOGS program, military veterans and their families may adopt a cat or dog, or be matched with a service dog with all fees waived. All pets are spayed and neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated before adoption. When appropriate, dogs will receive professional training and ongoing support through Nevada Humane Society’s G.I. Dogs program and a network of community businesses and skilled volunteers. To view program brochure, click here.





Angel Pets


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Providing lifetime care for pets with chronic, manageable medical issues.
The Angel Pets program is designed to help geriatric pets or those with chronic medical conditions, such as a thyroid condition, find loving homes. Adoption fees will be waived for pets in this program. These selected pets will receive lifetime veterinary care for their condition at cost through the NHS clinic. Animals who need a special diet to stay healthy, such as animals with food allergies, will receive free pet food for a year. After the year is up, additional arrangements can be made for low-cost food.








Linking older pets and people for lifelong companionship.
Through our Seniors-for-Seniors pet adoption program, people aged 55 and up can adopt a pet who is 10 years or older and the adoption fee will be waived.



Cat Action Team (CAT)


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Caring for eliminating reproduction in feral cat colonies.
Washoe County is home to more than 26,000 feral cats, most living in colonies. The NHS Cat Action Team (CAT) creates awareness about living harmoniously with feral cats and the benefits of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) – an effective and humane way of managing feral outdoor cat populations – as well as facilitating TNR itself. Looking to adopt a Working Cat or a Barn Cat? Click here for details.



Social Se-CAT-ary


Old Cats Program Poster



In spite of the many benefits of older pets, they sometimes may reside in shelters for many weeks before being adopted.
Social Se-CAT-ary, a new program at Nevada Humane Society, aims to change that—because many cats will live a happy and healthy life well into their teens. Now, when you adopt a Senior Kit-izen (cats ages 10 and up), your cat will receive Social Se-CAT-ary, giving adopters the peace of mind that basic veterinary care for their senior is covered by the Nevada Humane Society clinic. In addition, all cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, a $240 value. For more information, please contact the adoption team at 775-856-2000 ext. 302.



Books & Buddies


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Providing enrichment for shelter pets and kids.
Thanks to a partnership between Nevada Humane Society and Washoe County Schools, select students will visit the shelter to read to homeless dogs and cats. The benefits are twofold. Human interaction can be the most enriching part of a shelter animal’s day. This kind of interaction improves animal confidence and comfort with people, and helps increase the animal’s success in their new home. Reading to animals also decreases the stress levels of shelter animals, which makes them “show” better in the kennels. For children, shelter animals provide a non-judgmental audience and safe environment for them to gain confidence in his or her ability to read aloud. Readers also experience the benefit of feeling good about having spent quality time with an animal in need. For more information, please contact 775-856-2000 ext. 321.



PUPS on Parole





PUPS on Parole pairs qualified inmates from the Warm Springs Correctional Center with specific dogs from Nevada Humane Society. The overall goal is to help dogs that have behavioral challenges receive training and behavior modification so they can be placed up for adoption. Prospective inmates must be disciplinary free for at least a year and pass a rigorous application process to be considered for the program. They are then taught to train the dogs and offer rehabilitation. Inmates keep a daily journal of the dogs’ activities, including any training notes, his or her likes and dislikes, and accomplishments. The dogs must pass a behavioral test and evaluation before leaving the program to be placed up for adoption. Timeline varies on each dog. Inmates and dogs that are part of PUPS have special living arrangements, an outdoor play yard, and work with others in the program to complete a win-win for everyone involved. Both dogs and humans receive enrichment and the reward of a better life in the future. For a video about the program, please click here for a story produced by KRNV News 4.




INK, Inmates Nursing Kittens





Nevada Humane Society pairs young kittens that are too small to be adopted with inmates from the Warm Springs Correctional Center. Through this initiative, Nevada Humane Society will further its lifesaving mission by gaining much needed help caring for kittens without a mother, readying them for future homes, while the kittens will get round-the-clock care and socialization that would otherwise not be available at the shelter. Prospective inmates will be specially chosen and must be disciplinary free, as well as pass a rigorous application process to be considered for the program. The overall goal is to help the kittens grow big and strong so that they are able to be spayed or neutered, then placed for adoption. Both kittens and humans will receive the reward of a better life in the future. For a closer look at this program, please click here for a video produced by KRNV News 4.



Barn Cats


Barn Cats



Barn cats are those that are unsocialized, born outside without much human contact. While these kitties do not want to curl up on your lap, they still love life and want a place to call home. Cats in this program are feral, and have arrived at Nevada Humane Society because they have no home. You can adopt one or more barn cats to live outside on your property and save their lives! For the price of daily cat food, they will keep your out-buildings or barn rodent free while enjoying a working life outdoors. They are beautiful, healthy, spayed or neutered and vaccinated. To adopt a Working Cat or a Barn Cat, click here. For more info on feral cats, advocating for them, or talking points, please click here.