Foster FAQs


Foster_FAQWhy does Nevada Humane Society need Foster Caregivers?

The program was created to help save animals who are too young or need special care before they can be placed in permanent homes. It opens up space at the shelter for animals who are ready for adoptions and allows more lives to be saved. Also, young animals do not yet have fully developed immune systems, so getting them into a home environment is better for them than being in a shelter.


How do I get involved?

It’s easy! Go to Nevada Humane Society shelter or fill out our foster care interest form. Fax, send, or bring your application to NHS, and we will contact you as soon as we have animals in need of foster care.


What animals have the greatest foster need?

Kittens! We need people to foster kittens more than any other animals. Some need to be bottle fed while others are weaned and just need to reach two pounds so they can be spayed or neutered. Some kittens are with their mom, and she will do most of the work of caring for them.


What are the qualifications to be a foster parent?

First, all your pets must be current on their vaccinations. Second, you must have a room (bathrooms and utility rooms will work well) to keep your foster animals separate from your own animals. You need not need previous experience as we will provide training and ongoing consultation.


What does it cost to be a foster parent?

The cost is minimal. We provide cages and starter supplies if needed. It helps us if you can provide ongoing food, supplies and lots of TLC! We cover any medical needs through our clinic and will do our best to be sure it doesn’t create a hardship for you.


It’s the middle of the night and my foster animal is sick, what can I do?

You can call our after-hours emergency number, which we will provide all foster caregivers.


Can I adopt my foster animal?

Of course! But, first you’ll need to bring the foster animal(s) back to us, so they can be spayed of neutered and given their vaccinations. After completing the adoption paperwork and process, you will be free to take your new pet home!


Yikes! I don’t know anything about kittens, how can I be a reliable foster parent?

It’s easy and rewarding too! We provide free training, assistance, and vet care, plus a 24-hour emergency phone number.


I have other cats and dogs at home. Will they adjust to the new foster animals?

Your new foster animals must be kept separate from your own animals. It is likely your own pets will adjust quickly to the scents of your foster animals.


I work during the day. How can I be a foster parent?

Quite simply! You can foster weaned kittens or kittens with mother and just be sure they have plenty of food and water before you leave for work. Oh, and don’t forget a litter box!