Lost or Found Pets

Washoe County

If you have lost your pet, please visit the Washoe County Regional Animal Services (WCRAS) on a regular basis, as this is where the “stray” or “owner-unknown” animals are taken. Leave a “lost report” at the front counter. You may also check out our kennels. However, we are prohibited by law from accepting stray animals, but you are welcome to come by to put your mind at ease. You may also leave a “lost report” with us. Be sure to put up flyers with your pet’s description, date lost, area lost, and owner contact information. Check out the “Found” column in the Reno Gazette-Journal and consider placing a “Lost” as well. Don’t give up! Animals picked up or surrendered to WCRAS are posted hourly at PetHarbor.com. Be sure to check there if you have lost your pet. If you have seen a stray animal and would like it picked up, please call WCRAS, at (775) 322-DOGS. If the animal is friendly and you can safely handle it, check for identification and try to trace the owner. If you are able to maintain the pet while looking for the owner, be sure to contact WCRAS at (775) 858-1616 and file a “found report.” You may also do this with Nevada Humane Society. If you cannot maintain the animal, you can have an animal control officer come to your home to pick up the animal, or you can take the animal directly to WCRAS.


For a direct link to WCRAS and how to post a lost or found pet, click here.


Carson City

Nevada Humane Society Carson City Center is now open at 549 Airport Road. We offer licensing, reclaims, and other animal services in addition to pet adoptions. We are open Saturdays from 10am to 6:30pm and Monday through Sundays from 11am to 6:30pm for adoptions; and 8am to 6:30pm daily for animal services. For questions, specific appointments or more, please contact us at (775) 887-2171 or visit 549 Airport Road, Carson City, NV 89701. For lost or found pets at our Carson City shelter, please use the button below.


Lost or Found Pets:

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For Facebook Pages Featuring Lost or Found Pets:

Visit “Missing Pets of Carson City,” a Facebook page featuring lost or found pets in the Carson City area, to see if your pet may be posted or to share a photo of a pet you found. You can also view “Lost and Found Pets of Northern Nevada,” another Facebook page. These pages are not run by Nevada Humane Society staff so if you see a pet you know on either page, please use the message function within Facebook to contact an administrator of the page.